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Book Review: Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It’s Necessary and How it Works


Health Care Reform 1st edition 9780809053971 0809053977

Jonathan Gruber, HP Newquist and Nathan Schreiber’s new graphic novel is entitled:  Health Care Reform:  What It Is, Why It’s Necessary and How It Works.  Its goal is to explain the basics of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  It does a remarkable job of combining text and images to bring much-needed clarity to abstract and complicated issues. This reviewer was able to get through the entire book in approximately 90 minutes.

Some reviewers on Amazon complain that the book is a propaganda piece for the ACA.  While it is clearly in favor of the act, the book does address in detail many of the criticisms and uncertainties that its implementation will entail.  It makes a thoughtful case that while some aspects will need to be tested and revised, it still makes sense to support and go forward with it.

The book also explains not only what “individual mandate” means but why it is so important to the Act’s potential effectiveness.

This long overdue book is highly recommended and will hopefully contribute to more reasoned and informed discussion about the future of health care in America.


 review by Simone Fary