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Health Affairs Briefing: “Payment Reform To Achieve Better Health Care”


Health Affairs Briefing: Payment Reform To Achieve Better Health Care

August 22nd, 2012 

by Chris Fleming

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“On Friday, September 7, Health Affairs will hold a briefing to unveil its September 2012 issue, “Payment Reform To Achieve Better Health Care.” The volume contains a thorough examination of the present state of and future challenges for payment reform, and includes profiles of current initiatives whose early results indicate some success in achieving the goals of the Triple Aim – better care, better population health, and lower costs. The issue received funding support from WellPoint, Inc., the WellPoint Foundation, and the California HealthCare Foundation.”

Panels will examine:

  • Reforming Medicare Payment To Hospitals And Post-Acute Facilities
  • Prospects For Capitation And Shared Savings Arrangements
  • Early Results From Medical Home Pilots
  • Views Of Employers And Other Private Payers on Payment Reforms And Other Measures
  • Paying Physicians Through Medicare And Other Arrangements