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Movie Review: Post-Trauma Wellness: A Guide for Helping Professionals

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Post Trauma Wellness DVD


This recorded lecture presents timely and cutting edge insights into the best ways to improve behavioral healthcare.

A project of the Center for Post-Trauma Wellness in California, this DVD features John Records, JD, and Heather Larkin, PhD.  They begin by explaining how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente’s “Adverse Childhood Experiences Study” was able to document the strong correlation between childhood experiences of abuse, neglect and family dysfunction and later health problems.

The evidence is overwhelming that the more a person under 18 years old is exposed to one or more “adverse childhood experiences” the more likely there will be long term consequences that carry over into their adult lives.   “Adverse childhood experiences” include emotional, physical or sexual abuse, emotional or physical neglect or domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness, divorce or incarceration of a family member.

Consequences of this exposure may include chronic diseases such as those of the heart, liver and lungs, mental health issues, obesity, substance abuse and domestic violence among others.  While this may seem discouraging, the presenters do not believe that the past is destiny.  Behavioral healthcare providers can “help people see that their story is essentially heroic”. One can learn to view oneself as a survivor capable of recovery and change.  The “Integral Therapy” they recommend takes a holistic approach to treating the mind and body of a person as a member of a larger community and social network.



Their presentation ends with a quote from Joan Borysenko’s, Fire in the Soul:

 “Some of the healthiest people I know are those who have had to heal from the most challenging situations, and in the process, have gained insight and wisdom far beyond what a “comfortable” life would ordinarily provoke.”

More information and resources are available at the Center for Post-Trauma Wellness’ Website:


review by Simone Fary