Danya Institute Inc.

A Message from The Executive Director

We are the New Region 3 Addiction Technology Transfer Center

We are happy to announce The Danya Institute’s SAMHSA/CSAT funded, Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC), is now the Region 3 ATTC.

The Institute has consistently held the SAMHSA/CSAT award for the Central East ATTC region for the past 10 years, providing training, technical assistance, and other facilitative services to substance abuse, mental health providers, and other public health stakeholders.

The geographic boundaries of the ATTC have changed with this new award. The 2007 – 2012 Central East Region included New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

The new Region 3 ATTC region, will be substantially larger with the inclusion of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. It represents a very geographically diverse population of rural, suburban, and urban settings, from rural Appalachia to the inner cities of Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia. In the new configuration, New Jersey will be included in the Region 2 ATTC region.

The 2011 Census estimate data puts the Region 3 population numbers at around 30,048,274 persons. The Center for Integrated Behavioral Health Policy, 2009 numbers indicate prevalence rates ranging from 8.9-14.4% for alcohol problems, 4.8-9% for illicit drug problems, 11.4-8.5% for alcohol, illicit drug, or prescription pain medication problems. The SAMHSA treatment locator indicates that there are approximately 1,058 substance abuse treatment facilities across Region 3.

The Region 3 workforce faces several challenges, including a need for increased treatment capacity to meet demand, the challenges of public financing of treatment, the adoption of EBPs, the shifting towards a more recovery oriented system of care, treatment in primary care and other settings, and others. These changes are designed to improve the quality and efficiency of care provided to the clients, families, and communities we serve, but they can also provide challenges to the systems providing this care as they try to adapt.

Given these challenges, the Region 3 ATTC will provide training, leadership development and technical assisInstitute_Model.pngtance to health and human services providers and consumers to enhance prevention, health promotion and treatment services through the use of evidence-based practice. We will work with our Region 3 stakeholders to realize improvements that align with SAMHSA’s eight Strategic Initiatives: Health Reform, Health Information Technology, Prevention, Trauma and Justice, Military Families, Recovery Support; Data, Outcomes, and Quality, and Public Awareness & Support.

With a new name, geography, and directives under this new Region 3 ATTC award, we will be very thoughtful about our transition process over this first year. There are several critical tasks to be completed that will set the tone for the reminder of the grant period, and so will take some time. We will be focusing on:

  • Re-branding the Central East ATTC materials, media, and select products.
  • Developing a Community Advisory Board (CAB), that will be a microcosm of Region 3 and include key partners that mirror the regional stakeholders. The partners will provide strategic guidance on our needs assessments, planning, activities, and dissemination of information back to their respective communities.
  • Collecting and analyzing workforce study, state indicator, and other local, regional and national data to assist the CAB in its planning activities.
  • Our ongoing work with our stakeholders to strengthen the behavioral health workforce, promote treatment integration, prepare stakeholders for health care reform, and facilitate the implementation of evidence based practices.

With that, I would like to thank our current stakeholders for your support over the past ten years, and am honored to now represent the Danya Institute as the Region 3 ATTC awardee for another five years! I look forward to working with each of you as we strive to continue engaging in health systems change which is person-centered, and driven by collaboration. Thank you.


With Warm Regards

Ryan R. MacG. Springer, MPH

Ryan Springer is the Executive Director of the Danya Institute, Inc., and Project Director for the Region 3 ATTC. Meet the Institute Staff:CLICK HERE.