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Tobacco Cessation


Feb 17-22, 2019 – Through with Chew Week 

Feb 21, 2019 – Great American Spit out

Mar 20, 2019 – Kick Butts Day

May 31, annually  – World No Tobacco Day

Nov 21, 2019 – Great American Smokeout


APPEAL – Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership

How to Quit – CDC

How to Quit Smoking – American Lung Association

smokefree.gov – NIH National Cancer Institute

smokefreeteen – NIH National Cancer Institute

Tobacco Prevention Toolkit – Stanford Medicine

APPS: (Best of 2018)

Butt Out (iPhone) (Google Play)

Craving to Quit (iPhone)

Get Rich or Die Smoking (Google Play)

Kwit (iPhone) (Android)

Livestrong My Quit Coach (iPhone)

Quit It Lite (iPhone)

QuitNow! (iPhone Android

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation (Android)

Quit Smoking Hypnosis (iPhone Android)

Quit Smoking NOW – Max Kirsten (iPhone)

Quit Smoking – Quit Now (iPhone) (Google Play)

Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson (iPhone) (Android)

Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking (Android)

Smoke Free (iPhone Android)

Smoke Free – Quit Smoking Slowly (Android)`


The Evolving Cigarette, 17 min, RPCI Health Behavior-Paul Hage




SmokeScreen: The Pursuit to Create Doubt, 26 min, RPCI Health Behavior-Paul Hage