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Designer Opioid Not Yet Illegal

From USA Today

New designer opioid linked to overdose deaths in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana

by Terry DeMio

new synthetic opiate may be contributing to the addiction crisis, showing signs of penetrating new markets, according to those who have followed it.

Isotonitazene has been detected in the blood of people who died of overdoses in Illinois and Indiana, where it was mixed with cocaine. It was also found during a drug raid late last year on Canada’s eastern seaboard, according to reports.  The drug comes in a white or off-white powder form or pressed into counterfeit opioid pills.

Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco, the Hamilton County, Ohio, coroner, said she was aware of the relatively new drug and plans to get a standard test for it so that it can be added to toxicity screens for those who die from overdose in the county.