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Volunteer Opportunities:

Skills Description Time frame Location
Grant Writing Assist in writing concept papers, and other grant writing activitiesAssist in researching grant opportunities As needed Remote/On-site
Writing Website copy, print copy, product materials, articles, reviews, brochures, etc. As needed Remote/On-site
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Optimize the website to ensure high ranking in Internet searches As needed (One Time) Remote/On-site
Graphic Design Create appealing graphic representations of data provided by the Institute, develop logos, design publications, templates etc. Ongoing/ As needed Remote/On-site
Public Relations Provide access to media to assist in the dissemination of press releases, obtain interviews, and inclusion in news articles As needed Remote/On-site
Conference and Workshop Planning Assist with planning of our annual conference for Outreach Workers and other programs, seminars and workshops As needed On-site
Video and/or Audio recording We need people with experience in videography and/or audio recording to help us record conferences and seminars throughout the year in Maryland and Washington DC. As needed Remote
Google Adword As a non-profit we have a free Google Adwords account. However, we could really use guidance on setting up and operating it. Immediate On-site or remote
Photographer Take pictures at our various conferences, workshops and trainings to better document our work. Your photos will immediately be put to good use in our newsletter, website and other outreach efforts. Ongoing/ As Needed Remote
Mobile Applications Developer Help us develop mobile applications for behavioral healthcare workers. As needed Remote



Special thanks to all who have volunteered their time over the years.

We are deeply appreciative of all your contributions:

Mary, Kordea, Kathleen

VIDEOGRAPHY/VIDEO EDITING:  Rick Saul, Christopher Pairan


WEBSITE SUPPORT:  Marcus Thompson

WRITERS:  Douglas M. Canter, Laysha Ostrow, Gayle Morris,  Jeremy Mohler, Denene Yates, Abby Charles, Bernadette Cash, Jerilyn Schweitzer, Stephanie Sisneros, Catie Greene, Simone Montague, Peter Cohen, MD, Joan Doeul, Kate Maclean, Ritu (Ria) Arora, Jessica DiFrancesco, Jessica Codispotti

PROOFREADING/EDITING:  Roger Chapanis, Annabel Kornblum, Henry Clemons, Douglas M. Canter, Jan Wilhoit, Julie Peiler,  Joan Deoul, Lorri McDole, Kate Maclean

PHOTOGRAPHYMary Ferrill, Michele Egan, Kordae Henry


LOGO DESIGN: Phil Vogelgesang

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Heather Tate, Jessica Bumpus


INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN: Lorraine Zank, Shannon Wzientek, Omie Drawhorn

LEADERSHIP CONSULTANT:   Nancy Rosenshine, M.S., Jamila Harris, Talonda Broadnax

MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT:  Neha Kamra, Vincent Calvanese