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Child Abuse

Children Believe What They are Told

This short clip by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) draws attention to the lasting impact that emotional abuse has on children. The ISPCC Childline YouTube channel provides various videos, many of which conclude with a request for donations (although this one does not). (00:00:50)

Reporting Child Abuse: Care Enough to Call

This informational video, which is intended for anyone working with or around children, gives guidelines for detecting and reporting child abuse. This video speaks specifically about the child protection laws in Idaho and its mandated reporting law. It encourages adults to report anything they see, hear, or suspect despite initial hesitation. Specific guidelines are provided. (00:10:10)

Child Welfare Information Gateway: Video Gallery

This link connects to the video gallery on the ChildWelfare.gov website under their “Preventing Child Abuse & Neglect” section. The videos, which are organized by state, cover various topics from a positive perspective that emphasizes prevention and good parenting. The entire website offers great tools, short videos, and information for practitioners, parents, caseworkers, and individuals working in school systems.

  • Family Engagement in Child Welfare: Parents Helping Parents – The ChildWelfare.gov site also offers helpful videos in its “Learning Center” section. This first video features the Parent Partner Program in Contra, CA. In this innovative program, parents who have been through the welfare system serve as mentors to other parents currently receiving welfare assistance. This video emphasizes the importance of peer support and empowerment of parents. (00:08:00)
  • Family Engagement in Child Welfare: Supporting Kin Caregivers – Also available in ChildWelfare.gov’s “Learning Center” section, this video features the Kinship Liaisons Program of Clark County, NV, another example of the benefits of a peer-run program. The individuals in the video have become caregivers of children in their immediate or extended families and the kinship liaisons or specialists they work with are individuals who have gone through the same experience and provide support to the families. (00:07:35)

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The Healing Years: Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and Incest

This profoundly moving excerpt from the documentary “The Healing Years” by Kathy Barbini features adults speaking on the topic of the sexual abuse they endured as children. This award-winning documentary has been shown internationally in training and educational settings. The video, though very difficult to watch, has an incredibly strong message of hope that people can heal from child sexual abuse and incest. More information about this film and the Big Voice Pictures’ cause is available at www.bigvoicepictures.com. Many other videos on this topic are available on the Survivors: Child Sexual Abuse YouTube channel. (00:06:51)

Report Child Abuse Public Service Announcement (2020)

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