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Self-Care Resources—School of Social Work, University of Buffalo

This link connects to the self-care resource page for students at the University of Buffalo. This page provides an excellent variety of short videos on topics that will be helpful for anyone in a clinical, caregiving, or therapeutic occupation. Several videos are available under the following headings: Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation, and Sleep; Stress Management and Health Care; Psychological Issues, Self-Assessment, and Burnout; Trauma Information, Training, and Professional Organizations.

Release: Self-Care for Trauma Workers

This highly personal and tastefully filmed video captures real stories of how individuals working in high trauma fields maintain their mental and physical health. Behavioral health care workers across disciplines would find these individuals highly relatable, especially those that are particularly hard on themselves. (00:12:20)

Tightropes and Safety Nets: Counseling Suicidal Clients

Mental health professionals discuss their personal experiences as well as information about working with individuals who present as suicidal, highlighting the stigma and shame of talking about suicide. This video is extremely honest and effective due to the candidness of the professionals. They speak about their personal feelings when a client presents with suicidal thoughts and feelings. This aspect of the video makes a great resource for professionals because it serves to normalize the often frustrating and very important work of helping clients who may be suicidal. This video is an excerpt from the DVD “Tightropes & Safety Nets – Counseling Suicidal Clients,” which was produced and directed by the Institute of Lifelong Learning, University of Leicester; Professor Sue Wheeler and Dr. Andrew Reeves from University of Liverpool Counseling Service; and Jon Shears, University of Leicester Multimedia Services. This video is available on the University of Leicester’s website http://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/itservices/archive/resources/corporate-information-services/multimedia-services/videosale/tightropes. (00:12:02)

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