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“Helped me to re-evaluate thinking, become more open to paradigm shift toward person-centered.” – from Person-Centered, Recovery-Based Treament Planning & Clinical Documentation training


“I volunteer in the community with health care services. This training will help me with prioritizing the community with
resources and information.” – from the What’s New Update: The Continuing Impact of the Opioid Epidemic training

Basha Silverman
Wilmington Delaware, Brandywine Counseling and Community Services

I have been an active member, participant and observer of Keeping it Real Conference for almost 10 years. When asked to talk to you about why Keeping it Real is important to me, I thought that of course I will let you know.

As an administrator and supervisor of Outreach programming, I have to say it is invaluable to send our outreach team to Keeping it Real Conferences each year – a conference that has a primary focus. The conference has an enormous impact on the outreach team, the outreach workers, and the field in general. I know I can rely on that every workshop is designed for them to meet them exactly where they are and when they come back from the conference they are always so empowered they always talk about they were with others like them and got to meet others who did the same type of programming. This is different from any other conference that I send them to.

They are proud to be outreach workers, they come, they attend, they say I’ve been doing this for 10 years or 5 years and say I am an expert in this field and that’s extraordinarily empowering. I am always excited to be able to send them to the Keeping it Real Conference. It does everything to ensure that we are utilizing best practices so keep on keeping it real at the conference.