Danya Institute Inc.

Acknowledgement of 10 Years of Service

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and say thank you to Ms. Kathleen Hauck, our now-retired Director of Operations & Conferences. Kathleen retired from The Danya Institute (The Institute) on March 15th, after 10 years of exceptional service.

Kathleen wore many hats here at the Institute: Director of Operations & Conferences, Human Resources Manager, historian, friend, comedienne… and the list goes on! She is best known to our stakeholders in the Outreach Worker community, for coordinating and managing The Institute’s Keeping It Real (KIR) conference. The Keeping It Real Conferences are for outreach workers, health educators, promoters, and other related community engagement healthcare workers regarding HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and substance abuse. Her contributions to our Leadership Institute were also invaluable.

[Although we will not be hosting a KIR Conference in 2012, we are in the process of developing a Community Advisory Board to come together and discuss the future of the conference, and its role in supporting individuals in recovery from addiction and mental health in being social supports within their communities.]

Within The Institute, she is infamous for her unbridled humor, motherly advice, generous spirit, and historical perspective.

We love and thank you for your contributions over the years, and we wish you endless joy in your retirement. A new life has just begun, and we long to hear your stories!

“You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend or not.”  — Isabel Allende

Ryan R. Springer, MPH
Member of the Danya Institute Family