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Self Care Resource – Seasonal and Simple

Fans of our Self Care:  A Guide for Addiction Professionals know that it highly recommends eating better as an important way to maintain one’s health and spirits.  Yet we are the first to acknowledge how challenging this can be, even when it’s not a holiday season.  So we were pleased to find a tool that can make choosing and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables easier.  Seasonal and Simple is both a website and a free mobile app for iphone, ipad or android device.  Since it was developed by the University of Missouri Extension Service, its “find it” and “in season” features will not be as useful to those in different climates.  However, it still contains a wealth of easy to access information about different fruits and vegetables, including their health benefits and nutrients as well as how to choose, store and prepare them.  Each of the 38  featured fruits and vegetables even includes several recipes for how to use them.  This well designed little app should be a real help in making better choices at the grocery store.