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Leadership Landing – An Innovative Leadership Development Resource

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Hal Adler is a management coach and trainer whose website “Leadership Landing” offers a number of resources for leadership development. In particular, we are fans of his free guided meditations on leadership traits.

Guided meditation occurs when one person (either in person or through a recording) guides another with verbal cues and instructions in order to facilitate relaxation. Most guided meditations give some instructions on how to relax the body, clear the mind, breathe more easily, let go of stress and refocus one’s awareness and attention more productively.

People new or resistant to meditation tend to find it easier to follow instructions than try to meditate on their own. Having a voice to focus on helps keep most people’s minds on track instead of wandering off or returning to the things that are stressing them.

Mr. Adler’s meditations do “double duty” in that they not only provide the self-care benefits of traditional guided meditation but also allow for contemplation of leadership competencies. So far he has focused on bravery, self-awareness, recognizing patterns, and kindness. These meditations only take from 12 to 20 minutes.  They can be accessed on his website by clicking here.