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Leadership Landing – An Innovative Leadership Development Resource

Hal Adler is a management coach and trainer whose website “Leadership Landing” offers a number of resources for leadership development. In particular, we are fans of his free guided meditations on leadership traits. Guided meditation occurs when one person (either in person or through a recording) guides another with verbal cues and instructions in order […]

The ACMHA/Magellan Webinar Series

The ACMHA/Magellan Webinar Series continues on Thursday, November 15, at 2:00 p.m. EST with MY LIFE: Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment presented by Greg Dicharry, CPRP. This webinar is designed to increase the competency of clinicians working with youth to further engage, assess and treat family systems, rather than the individual child outside of its family […]

2012 Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health Conference Highlight: Mady Chalk on a New Era for Behavioral Health

Trends in Behavioral Healthcare: Join the Conversation The Danya Institute is pleased to present this regular series of orignal articles on trends in the field of behavioral healthcare.  Our latest article is by special guest author Douglas Canter.     Dr. Mady Chalk, a recognized expert in the field of substance abuse policy and health care […]

Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health Conference: Partners in a New World “Tackling Challenges in the Integrated Health Workforce” Summary

The Danya Institute is please to present this regular series of orignal articles on trends in the field of behavioral healthcare.  Our latest article is by special guest author Gayle Morris. In this video, part of the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health Conference, Laura Galbreath is the guest speaker from the SAMHSA/HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions, […]

New Tools for the Toolbox: Adopting Evidence-Based Practices to Enhance Substance Abuse Treatment with an emphasis on NIDA/SAMSHA Blending Products

  Christine Higgins, MA, Dissemination Specialist, Mid-Atlantic Node, Clinical Trials Network, Johns Hopkins University As we look to the future of medical homes, integrated services, and better patient-centered care in the treatment of substance use disorders, we are ever mindful of the importance of our patients showing up in order to benefit from treatment. This […]

Motivational Interviewing Assessment: Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency

Event Type: Educational Event What: The MIA:STEP package is a collection of tools for mentoring counselors in the use of MI skills during clinical assessments. Using this package will enhance both counselor MI skills and supervisor ability to provide more structured, focused and effective clinical supervision. Supervisors will learn to shift from forcing staff to […]

Using the ATTC/NIDA Blending Products to Affect Change

Using the ATTC/NIDA Blending Products to Affect Change Event Type: Educational Event What: You will have the opportunity to hear an overview by NIDA researchers about technology transfer in science to practice implementation. Expert ATTC trainers will present information on four different Blending products: PAMI, Buprenorphine, MIAStep, HIV Rapid Testing, and Mi-Presto. In the afternoon, […]

Practical Issues in Providing Effective Clinical Supervision: The NIATx/ATTC Network Clinical Supervision Project

  Event Type: Educational Event What: This is the sixth in the Clinical Supervision Webinar Series, hosted by Central East ATTC Regional Center. These interactive Webinars will highlight issues of critical importance to the establishment and sustainability of a clinical supervision program which incorporates performance feedback and continuous improvement within a nurturing and ethical environment. […]

National Training of Trainers (TOT) Clinical Supervision Foundations Course

  Event Type: Educational Event What: This course is designed to fulfill the minimum training requirement for number of different Clinical Supervision credentials Participants must be an experienced trainer, Participants must have a background in clinical supervision Participants have successfully completed the Clinical Supervision Foundation (online and Part II face to face) training. Exceptions for […]

The Intersection of HIV/AIDS and Behavioral Health within the Caribbean Diaspora: From DC to Town

In honor of the 2012 International AIDS Conference, The Danya Institute, Inc. convened AIDS 2012 participants interested in networking with others interested in the topic: “The Intersection of HIV/AIDS and Behavioral Health within the Caribbean Diaspora: From DC to Town” last week at the Embassy of Trinadad and Tobago.  Highlights of the event here: