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Maryland Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Studies – Fall 2013 – Training Schedule Commuter Courses and Workshops

19, 20 and 21

 Introduction to Addictions – Gregory Hunter, MPC, MS, LCSW-C, CISD, Therapist and Trainer in Private Practice, Baltimore, MD – 21 Hours


3 and 4

 Motivational Interviewing Techniques – Dace Svikis – PhD, Professor, Director of Research Institute for Women’s Health, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia – 14 Hours

10, 11 and 12

 Developing Clinical Supervision Skills – Thomas Dolan, Grad. Cert., CAC-AD, Adjunct Professor: Chemical Dependency Curriculum, Community Colleges of Balto. County, Baltimore, MD – 21 Hours


21, 22 and 23

 The Family in Recovery – Anna Agnew, LCSW-C, Private Practice and Training Consultant, Adjunct Faculty at Harford Community College, Bel Air, MD – 21 Hours        This training is taking place at

the DIX building, MHA.

17, 24 and 31

 The Addicted Patient with Anxiety Disorder – Betsy McCaul, Professor,  Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD – 21 Hours


12, 13 and 14

 The Adolescent with Co-Occurring Disorders – Jeffrey Gary, Ph.D., Clinical Director, First Step, Inc.,

Baltimore, MD – 21 Hours

















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