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Reaffirming Recovery

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Was your Recovery journey the catalyst for your current career?

How? Why? Tell us your story.

Celebrating your own recovery may be the incentive someone else needs to start their own journey.

Reasons to share your story of recovery:

  1. Your story is important
  2. Sharing your story makes recovery real
  3. Sharing your story helps you find your voice
  4. Sharing your story makes you stronger
  5. Sharing your story helps other people
  6. Sharing your story builds community
  7. Sharing your story fights stigma


Stories will appear on this page, as well featured in the September issue of the Dialogue eNewsletter.

Only first names will be used (or you can remain anonymous). A picture of yourself or something that signifies your recovery can be included.

Email your story to dialogue@ATTCnetwork.org.