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Learning from Peers: Prevention Perspectives on College Drinking

From SAMHSA Blog:

By Frances M. Harding, Director, SAMHSA CSAP

April is Alcohol Awareness Month—a time to focus on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of alcohol-related problems across our nation. One place where alcohol has long been a problem is on college campuses.

Although college students drink less today, they still consume alcohol at alarming rates. Roughly 58 percent of college students ages 18 to 22 drink alcohol in any given month.  When compared to others their age, full-time college students are far more likely to binge drink or drink heavily1. To prevent unsafe drinking behaviors and reduce campus drinking even further, states and college communities are using more creative prevention strategies.

This month, SAMHSA is launching the College Drinking: Prevention Perspectives video series to support colleges and universities. It showcases underage drinking prevention strategies on and around college campuses across the nation. SAMHSA created the video series to demonstrate how campuses with even limited resources can tackle this issue by engaging community partners to help create underage drinking prevention programs.

The first video in the series, “Lessons Learned at Frostburg State University,” explores actions taken to reduce underage and harmful drinking in that community, and offers educators, parents of college-age youth, and prevention organizations insights into local prevention efforts that made a difference.

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