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NIDA Blending Products

Using the ATTC/NIDA Blending Products to Affect Change

Event Type: Educational Event
What: You will have the opportunity to hear an overview by NIDA researchers about technology transfer in science to practice implementation. Expert ATTC trainers will present information on four different Blending products: PAMI, Buprenorphine, MIAStep,HIV Rapid Testing and Mi-Presto. In the afternoon,you will break into smaller work groups and have a chance to experiment with these clinically relevant Blending product. These smaller interactive work groups will report back to the whole audience,on the benefits and challenges they found in discussing the implementation of each Blending product. This activity will provide participants an opportunity to assess their agency’s readiness to implement one of these Evidence Based Practices.
When: 8/2/2013;  No Time Specified
Where: The location of this event has yet to be decided.
For more information, contact: The Danya Institute
Phone: 240-645-1145
Fax: 301-565-3390
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