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2013 Awards of Excellence – now accepting submissions

The National Council for Behavioral Health is now accepting submissions for the 2013 Awards of Excellence — featuring the Impact, Mental Health First Aid, and the Lilly Reintegration and Welcome Back awards. These awards recognize consumers and family members, clinicians, leaders, programs, and organizations that have fought the brave fight against depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and other mental and addiction disorders. A one-pager with the details is attached.

There are cash awards of up to $10,000 in each category. The winners are recognized at an amazing special celebration at the National Council Conference (www.TheNationalCouncil.org/Conference), April 8-10, 2013. And inducted into the virtual Hall of Honor at www.TheNationalCouncil.org/HallofHonor.

You really should apply. Your accomplishments in [insert as appropriate — integration, trauma-informed care, HIT, instituting open access, spreading Mental Health First Aid, etc.] deserve to be recognized. [Name of individual staff or consumer] has a powerful story and you might also want to nominate him/her. There is no cost to apply and you can submit in multiple categories. All it takes is a few hours of your time. [Name of your organization if you are a sponsor] is proud to sponsor the [category].

The deadline is January 10th and applications are online at www.TheNationalCouncil.org/Awards. If you’d like to discuss how to shape your application, feel free to contact Mike Weaver at MikeW@thenationalcouncil.org or 202.684.7457.

There are 18 categories you can apply in. Check them out at www.TheNationalCouncil.org/Awards.