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New Tools for the Toolbox: Adopting Evidence-Based Practices to Enhance Substance Abuse Treatment with an emphasis on NIDA/SAMSHA Blending Products


Christine Higgins, MA, Dissemination Specialist, Mid-Atlantic Node, Clinical Trials Network, Johns Hopkins University

As we look to the future of medical homes, integrated services, and better patient-centered care in the treatment of

substance use disorders, we are ever mindful of the importance of our patients showing up in order to benefit from treatment.

This course will focus on several ways we can increase engagement and retention, including using some powerful tools like

motivational incentives, motivational interviewing, and medication assisted treatment. The NIDA/SAMSHA Blending

Products have been created to assist both administrators and clinicians in making meaningful changes to treatment that will

advance long-term recovery. Each participant will have the opportunity to assess their agencies current processes and

procedures, and we will work collaboratively to identify what adoptions could be made.