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Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health Conference: Partners in a New World “Tackling Challenges in the Integrated Health Workforce” Summary

The Danya Institute is please to present this regular series of orignal articles on trends in the field of behavioral healthcare.  Our latest article is by special guest author Gayle Morris. In this video, part of the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health Conference, Laura Galbreath is the guest speaker from the SAMHSA/HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions, […]

New book review – 90 Days, A Memoir of Recovery by Bill Clegg

90 Days, A Memoir of Recovery by Bill Clegg is a short novel that packs a lot of drama into an easy-to-read 194 pages.  A follow up to his Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man, Clegg painfully details the many relapses and missteps along the way to finally achieving 90 consecutive days of sobriety.  It’s a clear and […]

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