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Metropolitan Baltimore’s 7th Annual Recovery Rally, Run & Walk

Find out about events all over the country here. . . 09/14/2013 8:00 AM –  2:00 PM Participants in the 7th Annual Recovery Walk and Rally will walk/run around the Reservoir at Druid Hill Park, followed by a Rally at the Sundial pavilion. At the Park participants will learn more about treatment and recovery from local […]


Conversations: Trends in Behavioral Healthcare 2012 now available

We are pleased to offer this free publication that spotlights our most timely articles from 2012, including ones on human trafficking, health care reform, HIV/AIDS and veterans issues. Many thanks to Jessica Bumpus for providing professional graphic design services.   Click here to download it as a free electronic document (PDF)   Click here to […]

Conversations: Trends in Behavioral Healthcare

Conversations: Trends in Behavioral Healthcare Type/Format:  Print Media (i.e. newsletterbulletin) Description:  regular series oforiginal articles on trends in the field of behavioral healthcare Release Date:  7/11/2013 Language:  English This product is available for download using the following link(s). Conversations: Trends in Behavioral Health  NOTE: To view Adobe Acrobat files, you must have a copy of […]

Virginia Commonwealth University Lecture – July 17

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine The Dean’s Biomedical Research Seminar ___________________________ Nora Volkow, M.D. Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse National Institutes of Health _____________________________ Addiction: Conflict between Brain Circuits Role of Genes, Development and the Social Environment ______________________________ Abstract: Studies employing neuroimaging technology paired with behavioral measurements, and more recently genetics, have led […]

Leadership Landing – An Innovative Leadership Development Resource

Hal Adler is a management coach and trainer whose website “Leadership Landing” (http://www.leadershiplanding.com/) offers a number of resources for leadership development.  In particular we are fans of his free guided meditations on leadership traits. Guided meditation occurs when one person (either in person or through a recording) guides another with verbal cues and instructions in […]

A Psychiatrist’s Opinion about ADHD and Substance Use in Teenagers: First, Do No Harm

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and substance use problems have been gaining more attention in the news and in research over the last 7 months.  At times this attention has to led to controversy instead of clarity. First, here is a summary of the most recent news about ADHD, which has implications for people we […]

Epidemics in in Our Youth Culture: Bullying, Violence, HIV/AIDS and Suicide

At the Keeping It Real 2011 Conference, Phillip McCabe, CSW, CAS, spoke to healthcare professionals on behalf of LGBT youth. He explained that LGBT youth are more likely to have lower self-esteem, greater rates of depression and substance abuse, are at higher risk for HIV/AIDs and suicide, and are more likely to be targets of […]

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Brave New World 2013 Symposium Highlight: Fiona McTavish, MS on Using Mobile Phones and Laptops for Relapse Prevention

On March 8, 2013, Fiona McTavish, MS, shared the encouraging results of her team’s innovative research using smartphones to prevent substance abuse relapse to conference attendees at the “Brave New World: Using Technology to Enhance Behavioral Health” Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland. McTavish and her colleagues have made use of laptops and mobile phones for those […]

DC Department of Health to Launch First City-Wide Youth Synthetic Marijuana Awareness Campaign

The DC Department Health is launching the first large-scale education campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of synthetic marijuana among District youth. Fake weed is an herbal mixture that contains dried, shredded plant material and harmful chemical additives. It is sometimes labeled as “herbal incense” and sold in three-ounce plastic pouches decorated with colorful designs including cartoon characters […]