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National Family Caregivers Month

November 2016 “Take Care to Give Care” Resources: Presidential Proclamation, 2016 SAMHSA Tweet: Take time to thank those who have helped your #recovery journey Why Family Caregivers Are This Nation’s Unsung Heroes, Huffington Post How Family Caregivers Can Take Care of Themselves, PR Newswire Increasing Demanding Caregiver Role Heightens Need for Caregiver Support, Yahoo Sports […]

‘Patient Zero’ from HIV’s Origin, Cleared

From CNN: (CNN)The man blamed for bringing HIV to the United States just had his name cleared. New research has proved that Gaëtan Dugas, a French-Canadian flight attendant who was dubbed “patient zero,” did not spread HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to the United States.  A cutting-edge analysis of blood samples from the 1970s […]


Reaffirming Recovery

Was your Recovery journey the catalyst for your current career? How? Why? Tell us your story. Celebrating your own recovery may be the incentive someone else needs to start their own journey. Reasons to share your story of recovery: Your story is important Sharing your story makes recovery real Sharing your story helps you find […]

Dawn Maker with HealthHIV/HealthHCV

      Dawn Maker is the Program Manager at HealthHCV, an initiative of HealthHIV. Dawn was previously a Hepatitis C Community Educator, where she provided individualized one-on-one support, education, and linkage to care services for anyone that was positive for hepatitis C, as well as conducting education and training for providers. Exploring the Landscape […]